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Know Exactly What's Working for Your Videos with The POWER of Deep Analytics to Boost Your PROFITS with Virtually NO Extra Efforts
By gaining insight into the behavior of your subscribers and understanding their needs, you can generate 10 times more profits by implementing simple tweaks to your current marketing campaigns.

Get accurate analysis for every action and evaluate what's going on with your campaigns and how they are performing at any given time. We made it very easy to analyze data with simple, yet beautiful graphs & pie charts.

You'll see a detailed report about everything.
a) Check Stats According To Unique Visitors, Engagement, Technology, Device, Location Or According To Results
Accurate stats help you adjust what you are doing to get more engagement. You might have experienced that a small change in the schedule of your promotion helps you catch more clicks and commissions. That's the power of statistics.

With VidHostPro you can see the complete stats related to the video like visitor engagement rate & time, views & plays over time, location of visitors, technology visitors are using, devices your visitors are using etc.
b) Analyze Your Videos On All Parameters To Improve Your Strategy & Multiply Engagement & Profits
Evaluating a video's performance is crucial to the success of any marketer.

With this in mind, we offer you the ability to analyze your videos based on multiple parameters, enabling you to assess their performance to increase both engagement and profits.
Showing Your Brand Name Or LOGO On Your Player Presents You As An AUTHORITY. This Feature Alone Is A HUGE Value For Your Business
Display Your Brand Name Or LOGO On Each Player To Showcase Your Credibility & Authority To Your Viewers.

With Enterprise, you can remove the VidHostPro logo and showcase your own brand and logo on each video player. You will instantly establish your credibility and authority in your respective niche and beyond. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to enhance your business today.
Subtitles Allow You To Reach Out To A Diverse Audience Who Would Otherwise Not Watch Or Understand Your Videos
Subtitles allow you to use the SAME video but reach out to an audience you would have otherwise missed due to a difference in language or disabilities.

You upload a transcript to our software and, regardless of the language in which the video is presented, it will display subtitles beneath the video, allowing you to convey your message effectively.

This eliminates the need to create separate videos for different languages.
Our Advanced Advertising Technology Will Maximize Your Monetization With A Variety Of Ad Formats, Including Video Ads, Image Ads, Text Ads, And The Ability To Display An HTML Page -- Directly Within Your Videos!
With our annotation feature, you can display your affiliate banner, buy button, or link for any offer directly within your video at a specific time, leading to increased clicks and sales.

If you don't have an affiliate banner or don't wish to create one, no problem. You can utilize a call to action with your affiliate link and add it to your video to display at any specified time.
Our Advanced Project & Campaign Management System Allows You To Manage Everything Quickly & Easily
Now you can replace any video without making any changes to the settings. You can move videos to other projects, download them and much more. Click on the project option, select manage tab and make changes according to your needs, ultimately saving you tons of time.
Maximize Your ROI From Your Leads With Customer Resource Management (CRM) Integration & Convert Your Prospects Into Paying Customers
Managing leads can be a challenging task, but we simplify the process by offering the option to integrate your CRM, enabling you to enhance customer satisfaction. 

To integrate your CRM, simply input the consumer key and consumer secret information into the designated fields, and you're ready to integrate the CRM.
Delegate control of your business to as many as 50 team members, allowing you to outsource your manual work. You can assign them limited or full access based on their roles and responsibilities.
Easily add up to 50 team members and specify their roles and access permissions within the dashboard. You can even create teams and assign specific roles and permissions to each member. Simply click on the "Add New User" tab and input the individual's name and email address, along with their designated role. From there, you can grant privileges as desired.
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However, we want to clearly state that we do NOT offer a “no questions asked” money back guarantee. You must provide a genuine reason when you contact our support and we will refund your hard-earned money.
Money Back Guarantee
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How To Create Your Own Videos About Physical Products
Learn how to streamline the process of creating the best videos for physical products. Create beautiful videos that will grab the attention of your viewers and make them want to purchase your products.
Video Marketing Blueprint
To make your video marketing journey easier, here's an exciting package that includes 7 easy to understand videos that will help you to create highly effective video marketing campaigns easily.
Video Sales Letter Genius
Video sales letters are the best way to get people hooked to your brand and convert them into lifetime customers in a hassle-free manner.

This report will teach you how to create a video sales letter that gets people to watch from start to finish and respond by buying your product.
Social Media Income
Social Media dominates any marketing strategy and picking the right Social Media platform is challenging.

We've included marketing strategies for the major Social Media platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.
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